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We are a group of members whom forming a community to serve a better service back to the society by providing e-hailing public transportation. Together as a unity, we stand solid strong with helping each other in mind. Join our family and we shall take care each other.


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By joining us, you will be part of the family members which will enjoy our community sharing of thought, ideas, important information, common interest, best offer for car servicing and much more.

Enjoy and reap the benefit of sharing and helping each other by joining our community today.

Our community here is here to help, share and contribute back to our members. We are happy if we can help our members.

As part of the community here, beside getting information, sharing and help, we play our part to contribute back to the community as well. Anyway, we feel excited and enjoyed if we can be part of helper as well.

At this moment, registered member shall be notified whenever there is any GrabCar or Uber promo code. You shall enjoy rebate from both of the platform whenever there are new promo code available.

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We’ll be happy to help you if you have any question. Dont hesitate to contact us or visit our forum.

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Our forum is maintained by our highly dedicated community members. Feel free to comment or question our community member and we will do our best to answer and share our sincere thought in the discussion forum.

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