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    White kraft paper

    Often used to make white-colored kraft paper totes or any other vibrant kraft paper luggage when dyed, focusing on saving magnificent and elegant items in garments and aesthetic merchants, …

    Utilized to retailer dried out meals such asbread and nuts, cereal products

    Dark brown kraft paper

    Brown kraft paper is used much more extensively because of its warm and friendly colors and much less dirty, including:

    Utilized to generate all kinds of product packaging includingbags and envelopes, covering paper, lining, …

    Substantial-quality, thick paper is utilized to make name cards, garments labels.

    Some varieties are being used as envelopes, submit handles, and many others.

    Recycle into all types of university paper, paper for cartons, …

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    We have been the address devoted to the production and supply of high-quality PP and paper products imported through the Russia, US and Japan Finland… with over 10 years of experience inside the general company. selling Kraft paper goods used to make cement hand bags, couche, duplex, ivory paper.

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