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    Before starting the construction process, you need to make a drawing. It is actually really worth nearing deciding on a level. The distance from your terrain towards the ceiling ought not to be 2.1 m, in order to not produce a "pipe result". Then your thrust improves, and will also resulted in a write.

    In such a case, the latest air will be nearby the ceiling. Therefore, it really is plausible to not established the upper pocket substantial. It will likely be right to install it far away of approximately a gauge in the ceiling.

    It is advisable to pick a level of 45 cm for each and every shelf. If you wish to comfortably rest on the shelf.

    The rest counter must be manufactured two-level. The lower level must be 65 cm substantial, as well as the higher level 105.

    The sauna is by meaning smaller compared to the Russian bathroom. An area of 3.4 sq.m. will do for a number of individuals. The racks should be positioned in numerous spaces along the wall.

    The size of the wall, which is ahead of the entry, should be 2 m. It is actually necessary to find the dimensions, it does not operate to obtain the appropriate substantial-quality air circulation. And this will cause problems with various temperature circumstances.

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