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    There are 12 most important holidays in the Orthodox belief. According to the church calendar, excluding the main holiday – Easter, orthodox holidays are a whole dozen important events. These getaways are classified as in Christianity 12, the followers celebrate them every year.

    12 moving getaways

    The Orthodox work schedule has irregular vacation days, which differ in date every year. This too is applicable to Easter, which is associated to the transition from the vacation to another time.

    • Palm Sunday is celebrated a week before Easter. At that moment, Christ arrived at the holy town.

    • Ascension of the Lord. Its day drops when 40 days and nights have passed on from Easter time. It tumbles around the 4th day time of every week. This is because of the visiting Lord of Jesus Christ.

    • Working day in the Sacred Trinity. They celebrate 50 days after Great Easter, when our Savior was resurrected.

    A dozen motionless getaways

    One more area of the vacations within the church work schedule is repaired, they can be recognized as well. Their particular date does not depend on Easter time, they are generally recognized on a single particular date.

    • The childbirth of your Virgin Mary is recognized on Sept . 21st. Orthodoxy statements the New mother of Our god was shipped to world to the birth from the Savior, along with his conceiving was fortunate by the angels.

    • The Dormition of the very Sacred Theotokos is celebrated by Orthodoxy on 28 August. At that moment, the Savior’s mom ascended to paradise.

    • Exaltation in the Cross from the Lord slips on Sept 27th.

    This vacation is associated to the purchase in the Life-providing Go across by Christianity.

    • Introduction to the temple of the more Holy Theotokos falls on Dec 4. For this time, the mother and father of the Virgin Mary made a vow to take their daughter to The lord.

    • Nativity. All believers celebrate the birthday party of your Savior on Jan 7.

    • Baptism of the Lord on January 19, then John the Baptist rinsed the Savior in the waters of the Jordan and told him about his unique mission on this planet

    • Conference in the Lord happens on Feb . fifteenth. Here is the working day from the conference of Semeon the Our god-receiver along with the mothers and fathers for the future Savior.

    • The Annunciation of the more Sacred Theotokos is recognized on April 7, when the Archangel Gabriel released to the Mom of God the forthcoming arrival of any son who will be the savior on the planet.

    • Transfiguration of the Lord. About this working day, August 19, Christ learned from the prophets about his future destiny.

    On these Orthodox holidays, providers are always located in Orthodox chapels and church buildings.

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