On my previous post, I’ve briefly describe what is GrabCar and Uber. The question arise is, if I poses my own private vehicle, why should I be using these facilities? Well, there are a lot of reason why pinging a GrabCar or Uber is feasible in many scenario.

Benefit of Using GrabCar or Uber

  1. It is safe – All transaction between the driver and passenger is recorded. If there is any discrepancy or incident happened, both parties information is easily retrieved.
  2. Hassle free – Sometimes, we don’t feel of driving due to a lot of reason such as tired, sick, hate the traffic jam, issue of finding parking, etc. By using both of these services, problems solved.
  3. Appropriate fare –
    • GrabCar(Economy) Base Fare – RM 1, KM/RM1.3, KLIA/KLIA2 RM65, Genting RM 110
    • GrabCar+(Premium) Base Fare – RM 4, KM/RM1.5, Min Fare RM15, KLIA/KLIA2 RM 200, Genting RM220
  4. Convenient – Sometimes when you would like to fetch a person from a certain location and he/she do not have an account, you may ping an available nearby car for him/her and fetch her to your destination. In this case, you have save a lot of your time by leveraging it to your subject nearby driver.
  5. Appropriate – When you would like to get drunk at certain pub, taking these private car is very appropriate. You will not have any risk of being blocked by police because of your alcoholic level. You will not risk other innocent live as well.
  1. Hing 6 years ago

    I don’t buy both:

    GrabCar(Economy) Base Fare
    GrabCar+(Premium) Base Fare

    Do they sound practical?
    Show me feasible instances.

    • kj 5 years ago


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