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    Custom Photos is simply pictures that you take yourself and have no copyright ownership to. These can be used on your website, e-mail, or anywhere else. The concept of ‘stock photography’ came about because of the photographer’s ability to take pictures that other photographers did not have the rights to use for their own photographs. So basically, if you take a picture of someone doing something, and you do not have the copyright to it, then the person who took the picture does not have a problem with you using it, because it is not yours.

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    A study found that ninety-nine percent of all pictures you see online were downloaded from someone’s hard drive, by using their photograph to make their webpage (i.e. their blog). This means that your picture can be everywhere, but without the proper license, it cannot be used in any way that will give you any kind of monetary value. That is why you need to learn more about the rich media format. The study found that eighty-eight percent of all the images on the web are considered to be in the rich media format, which means that it has a high-quality image and is in a format that can be easily embedded on a web page without using Flash.

    You could also do some simple keyword research, like what is the most common search an individual would use when looking for your service or product. If your business has a lot of traffic coming to it via social media sites, you should consider adding a social media option to your website. By doing this, people are able to search for you and your company through search engines and visit your website because they are aware you are on a social media site. Also, people are more likely to use your photo to display their social media profile and create a personalized account for their business. Therefore, by taking advantage of rich media to maximize your online exposure, and creating social media profiles that capture your personality as well as the personal touch you provide, you can set yourself apart from your competitors and get more potential clients and customers calling you to learn more about your services.

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