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    A greens is an extremely healthy food composed of assorted mixed items of food, generally with at very least some chopped natural ingredients, usually salad dressing. They may be either served raw or served cold, despite the fact that some may get prepared hot. Salads are known as" Dinners" or "Desserts" in the English language and are also usually served to share with guests. A few could possibly be made with regard to special occasions like weddings and birthday parties.

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    In their own natural state, just about all greens are reasonably unappetizing and are not very appealing to eat by yourself. But when cooked inside a salad salad dressing, they can taste good, be vibrant, and add necessary nutrients to the particular diet. Salad dressing generally contains vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, celery, onions, spices or herbs, bay leaf, garlic herb, and sometimes fresh tomatoes. Some people prefer to add other items inside the salad, like croutons (thin pieces associated with bread), which could also be a great addition.

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    There will be many varieties of greens dressings, but many recipes call with regard to a light apple cider vinegar, such as " lemon " juice along with a small amount of olive oil, with could be a sprinkle regarding some dried oregano or some tiny items of flat pepper. Other salad dressing list of ingredients includes a little amount of horseradish, hot mustard, or even Cayenne pepper. Cold greens dressing, which is usually often created by mixing up vinegar, ice, celery juice and a little water, is also popular. Cold salads might have a skinny layer of dressing on the leading, which is not necessary, nevertheless can help add width, make the greens even more chewy, and may possibly also assistance to stop algae from building.

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