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    GDP Recession – A Crucial Aspect Of The Current Economic Recession

    One of the more frustrating facts prevalent today is the mainstream media’s insistence that the country is, indeed, experience economy recover. Some have even stated that it has been ongoing for a year now. Yet, those of us on the ground beg to differ. Such pronouncements are nothing more than manipulation tactics employed by the media and the government. Thus, I decided to do some research. Keep reading and I will share some facts about the GDP recession and why it is providing illegitimate recovery data.

    Money Terminology

    If you’ve try to read a book about economics you probably realize that it can be tough to understand the language used to explain the mechanics of the market. At this time, I will be clearing up the jargon gdp la gi by giving you some simple definitions. I will also discuss how these economic indices have been manipulated to give American an inaccurate picture of financial security.

    I will start by defining recession. This term refers to the measure of decline of the Gross Domestic Product or the total activity of the country’s economic production over a period of several months. When the GDP drops more than ten percent over a given period, you will then have what is called a depression – not something any of us wishes to experience.

    Further Definitions

    GDP(Gross Domestic Product) represents the total sum of all goods and services produced in a geographical territory of an economy. In this case, it concerns the levels of production in the United States rather than what is produced overseas. The GDP is a measuring stick for economic cycles including recessions. The problem is that the GDP numbers can be manipulated in various ways. The biggest example is the decision to exclude small businesses when calculating the data that indicate a recovery. The latter is what is meant by GDP recession.

    GDI (Gross Domestic Income) represents the total income received by American business at home and abroad. While it is technically true that the GDP and GDI should show the same data, many critics are noting a serious discrepancy between the two figures – in fact, the largest difference recorded. It is when you look at the GDI that you realize the recession is still ongoing and is actually worsening.

    CPI (Consumer Price Index) is used to compare the cost of living with mean income levels in order to evaluate financial performance. The CPI figures have also been subject to manipulation. In recent years, food costs and energy consumption were actually removed from the calculations to present more favorable financial data. In other words, you and I have ample money provided we don’t use energy or eat!

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