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Recently I come across that Grab is did a lot of effort to ban driver account. There are many drivers being banned by Grab due to the following reasons which I am going to share below. Below would be the code of conduct together with rules and regulations in 3 languages which you should follow in order to maintain your account to be active.

Behaviour that Grab Driver should avoid

– *DO NOT*top up small amount into your account. At least rm10 per top up
– do not pick up at the same area more than one hour.
– Do not pick up and drop off same area more than twice.
– press drop off when you drop off your customer. Do not play around on with the online hours.
– Do not camp inside premises/ leaving vehicle to acquire booking.
– Do Not pick up the same customer twice in a ROW.
– Pressing ‘Pick up’ before the passenger gets in the car or drop off before (very far away from) final destination.
– only press pick up when the customer is in the car.
– if u pressed pick up without customer in the car, and customer wish to cancel. DO NOT press drop off. Call customer service to solve.
– DO NOT Complete job if NOT picking up/ before dropping off the passenger
– press ‘drop-off’ BEFORE passenger leave your car / BEFORE reaching to drop off point.
– do not Choosing regular/ preferred passenger bookings/ multiple bookings under same passenger.
– contact passenger to make bookings and request passenger to cancel booking if other driver was assigned.

Breaching of these factor over period of time will result your account being banned. This is a serious case, please take note on this.

updates to take note
– at least RM25 as recommendation in Credit balance to receive jobs.
– wallet below RM15 will not be able to receive job.
– Top ups can be purchased online

Tingkah laku pemandu harus digelakkan

Jangan tambah nilai jumlah kecil kedalam credit balance. Paling kurang rm10 setiap top up
-jangan ambil customer di tempat yang sama lebih dari satu jam.
Jangan mengambil dan menurunkan penumpang di kawasan sama lebih daripada dua kali.
-tekan * drop off * apabila anda menurunkan pelanggan anda. Jangan bermain dengan online hour.
– hanya tekan *pick up apabila penumpang yang betul naik kereta.
– kalau tertekan pick up tanpa customer. JANGAN tekan drop off untuk akhirkan trip. Panggil khidmat pelanggan 1300-80-5858 untuk selesaikan.
– jangan sesekali lengkapan job tanpa mengambil dan menurunkan penumpang.
– jangan sesekali tekan drop off sebelum sampai lokasi pelanggan.
– jangan mememilih tempahan penumpang, penumpang tetap atau tempahan dari penumpang yang sama.
– panggil penumpang untuk buat booking atau cancel booking kalau driver lain yang dapat booking.

-credit mesti paling kurang rm25 sebagai cadangan untuk menerima bookings.
-wallet kurang dari RM15 tak akan dapat menerima booking.
-top up boleh beli dari
Sekiranya didapati sebarang kombinasi tingkah laku yang salah dalam satu tempoh tertentu, akaun anda akan banned oleh grab. Ini adalah kes yang serius, sila ambil perhatian tentang perkara ini.

– 不要加额小数目进credit balance。最少加额是rm10
– 不能在同一个地区接载太多次。最多两次。
– 当您下架客户时,按*下降*。不要玩在线时间。
– 不要在场地内营地/离开车辆等预订。
– 不要在接载两次相同的客户。
– 不要在乘客进入车内按‘接载’或到最终目的地之前(非常远)离开时按下“完成”。
– 只有当客户在车里时才按接载。
– 如果没有客户在车里,不小心按下接载,并且客户希望取消。不要按下完成。呼叫客服服务 1300-80-5858解决。
– 还没接载/放下乘客之前不要完成工作,
– 不能接载固定的顾客,或载同样的顾客连续两次
– 如果分配了其他司机,不能要求乘客取消预订。


– 至少RM25的credit balance才可以接收工作。
– 低于RM15的信用余额将无法接收预订。
– 加额可以在网上购买


You may share your thought and comment below.

  1. Anynymous 7 years ago

    correction: RM15 minimum in your credit balance in order to keep receiving new job. Read the latest SMS infoblast from Grab.

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      Hi there, as mentioned, the RM25 is recommendation. This is because if your wallet is below RM15, you will not be able to receive any incoming job. Hope this clarified.

  2. Alex Chin 7 years ago

    A lot of driver being banned today. 1 of my friend being banned is due to camping reason.

  3. James GC 7 years ago

    No black and white release by Grabcar.
    The only black and white is release by YOU.

    – Do not pick up and drop off same area more than twice.
    Mean, is you pick up at Sunway Pyramid twice in one hour or two. You will be immediately banned?
    The answer is NO, your account is still alive.

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      Dear James, thank you for your sharing of your opinion on this. The mentioned information are compilation of answer returned by driver whom were banned. Even if you have delayed your drop off more than 3 minutes too frequently, you will be banned as well – real case, my friend. Definitely they will not review to driver how they ban algorithm work. Just like bank credit scoring, they will not tell you the reason why they reject your loan.

      To answer your question based on your example, your scenario is relevant, however, they banning algorithm is base on combination of few factors as listed in the post. Not just merely one factor. Hope this clarified.

  4. Yong Joh Chen 7 years ago

    comment from one of Grab Senior

    Latest rules for Grab driver! Happy earning guys!
    Prohibited activities
    1) Complete jobs but not picking up/ before droping off the passanger
    2)Press drop off before passanger leave your car/before reaching drop off point
    3)Choosing regular customer/ preferred passanger booking / multiple booking under same passanger
    4) Contact passangers to make booking and request passanger to cancel booking if others driver was assigned
    5) Asking passangers to CANCEL real bookings that they intend to continue
    6) Request passanger to CANCEL booking because not preferable routes or heavy traffic
    7)Above cancellation threshold / unreasonable cancellation performed
    9)Camping inside premises / leaving vehicle to acquire bookings
    10)Turning off smartphone/GPS during the rider
    1st time offence- re-education and incentive will be credited to your Grab wallet within 1 business day
    2nd time offence- re-education and incentive will be forfeited
    3rd time offence – Permanently remove from Grab
    Gaming and others- Gaming ,fraud and cheating
    Permanently remove from Grab
    Fleet / Driver
    Been rude or rough towards Grab staff
    verbally insulting or intimidating Grab staff( racist, sexual, offensive languages)
    Posting / comment any inappropriate information in any social media account either in a private or public page(s) that can potentially compromise Grab safety and privacy

  5. Dato ARKAY 6 years ago

    GRAB focus on quantity not quality.
    The actual GRAB customers are the drivers not passengers. They want to make policy to provide good service however they forgot to make policy for the passengers to behave properly.

    Not ony that, Grab is not professional in calculating AR and CR for drivers who drives 2 categories.

    GRAB represenatives also failed to answer enquiries by the drivers. SORRY TO SAY, GRAB HAS NO QUALITY

  6. Nathan 5 years ago

    How will to take to active grab driver suspended due to cancellation . After attend the re eductio class.

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      depending. Sometime can take up to a week.

  7. Ray 5 years ago

    Honestly,GrabCar seems implementing more and more rules and it’s all against driver more than the passengers..your drivers is feeling more and more annoyed…
    That’s the problem if there doesn’t have a same strong and same industries to compete..
    Single company Dominating the market..
    Uber been kicked out of this reason even it had to spend a lot for doing so…

  8. duit 3 years ago

    It’s really a cool and useful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you shared this
    useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like
    this. Thank you for sharing.

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