Grab Incentive Structure Changes
Dear Grabber,

In order to be more transparent on how you can earn while giving you the freedom and flexibility to choose your preferred earnings structure, we will be making slight changes to the incentive structure in Klang Valley & Negeri Sembilan effective 9 October 2017. *This will be regardless of when you were registered with Grab

How does this benefit you?

  1. You are rewarded for your loyalty: Thank you for being our LOYAL driver! To thank our loyal drivers, all drivers who drive ONLY with Grab will be eligible for 20% commission. If you prefer the flexibility to drive with other platforms, you will be charged a 25% commission effective 9 October 2017.*
  1. More transparency: we will be launching a NEW in-app incentives feature very soon. This means you can now track your incentives progress and calculation live in your app. We have worked hard to bring you this feature – we hope you will like it!
  1. More flexibility: You can now choose which incentive type you would like to receive: Hourly Guarantees or Flexi trip bonuses. Regardless of your chosen incentive type, you will still enjoy GrabAllStars benefits (i.e car wraps and fuel discounts) if you are our loyal driver.

Which Category am I in?

Programme             : Grab Ambassador (20% commission)

Incentive Type        : Flexi Trip Bonuses

Just in case you are wondering why you are in this category :

  • You are loyal or have previously opted into Grab Ambassador
  • However, you were not able to meet Hourly Guarantees incentives requirements
  • Instead you were eligible for flexi trip bonuses for most weeks in the last 1 month


What does the programme and incentive type entails :

  • 20% commission rate

Please refer to the in-app incentives section to view your latest AR,CR & DR, and to track how much you have earned so far.

Think this programme and incentive type doesn’t suit you? Not to worry, you can opt-in the other programme and incentive types here :

You can opt-in to any one (1) programme and one (1) incentive type of your choosing on a weekly basis based on your preferred driving schedule. This means that if you do not qualify for this program’s incentives, you will only receive your fares.

For just this week, the form will be open till 11:59AM on Friday (6 October 2017).

Once you are in the program, do no not need to opt in again. You will remain in the program unless you choose to opt out, or caught violating the loyalty clause.

For a more detailed explanation of the other new programmes and incentive types, please click on the button below :
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Feel like to try ehailing other than Grab Car? Do not worry, we have simple and free registration for you to be Uber Partner.

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