A lot of us might have heard that e-hailing public transportation services such as Grab and Uber is going to be legalised. This news has been around since early of this year and now the actualisation are in place.

What is this new e-hailing model all about?

SPAD (Suruhan Jaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat) is going to come out with a model that will regulate the our ‘e-hailing’ transportation services such as Grab and Uber. The objective of this model is to provide a regulatory to Grab and Uber to ensure the safety of the passengers and drivers.

Who are affected on this model?

Starting September 1, SPAD will introduce a new individual taxi licensing system that will makes compulsory registration for anyone interested to become a taxi or hired car driver. This include Taxi Driver (Big Blue), Grab and Uber drivers.

Why SPAD creating e-hailing model?

We all know that technology such as mobile app is part of our life. We are leveraging technology to assist us to get something done and it has receive a lot of positive feedback and it is proven to be more successful compare to the traditional one. We cannot stop this trend as every country is using it. However, there is no government body to regulate them. According to the survey done by SPAD, 80% of the customer want it to be regulated by the government body.

How does e-hailing affect Grab and Uber drivers?

  1. You need to register yourself with SPAD for vetting purposes and obtain a psv (public service vehicle) license
  2. Your car need to undergo annual inspections with puspakom.
  3. Your private car needed to be commercialised and you need to obtain an enhance insurance coverage.
  4. You need to undergo a medical checkup if you age is over 50.

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  1. Wang 7 years ago

    Trip from Bandar Sungai Long to Bandar Sunway can take me 2 hours trip……

  2. Yong Joh Chen 7 years ago

    Hi @wangweesiang, understand that sg long is a very congested place especially in the morning. If you have buffer of time, you may head to cheras, sri petaling, kuchai or oug area to start your trip. FYI, this blog is for e-hailing model to be discussed here. You may want to comment it on the other post such as https://www.grabcaruber.com/how-to-be-grabcar-driver-in-malaysia/

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