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Sunday November 20th, 2016

Today, Grab has launched Grab Ambassador Programme, designed specially to give you the best rewards for being a loyal and high-performing Grabber.

This is the second part to more rewarding journeys with Grab, the first being our Platinum Partner Programme launched a few weeks ago.

Scroll down for more details!

picture1LMMY0322_GC_MY_Grab Ambassador programpicture4

Should you choose to be a Grab Ambassador and enjoy all these benefits, our only request is for your loyalty in return. This would mean making the choice to be a 100% Grab partner. You should not be using competitor app if you would wish to join this programme.

To opt-in, fill up the form below. The instructions will guide you through the process. Once you have opted-in, you will receive communications from us on how to collect your exclusive driver swag and what to do next.

You’re now one step closer to being a Grab Ambassador! Opt-in now by clicking the link below:

Opt in now button.png

*Exclusive Grab merchandise will be distributed earliest from 5th December. We will notify you on how and when to collect them.


What if I choose not to opt-in?

Worry not, Grab got you covered with other upgraded benefits. If you don’t opt in, you will automatically be included in one of our two other programmes, depending on your preferred driving pattern.

 picture2LMMY0322_GC_MY_Grab Ambassador programpicture5

picture3LMMY0322_GC_MY_Grab Ambassador programpicture6



How do I opt in to be on the Grab Ambassador Programme?

  1. Click the ‘OPT-IN’ link below and submit your form by 11:59PM every Thursday.
  2. Your submission will be reviewed by Grab.
  3. Receive a notification from Grab once successful!


How do I opt in to be on the Grab-Pro or Grab-Flexi Programme?

You do not need to submit any forms to be on Grab-Pro or Grab-Flexi Programme. You will be automatically allocated either of these programmes if you do not qualify for the Grab Ambassador Programme.


When do the rewards redemption start?

Incentives: Your incentives will be based on the new earning structure once you received a notification from us that you have qualified for any one of the programmes above.

Grab Auto: You may start to redeem your Grab Auto discounts once you receive a SMS notification from us.


How long do the rewards redemption last?

As long as you are on any of the programmes, you will be able to enjoy the rewards for that programme!


Where can I find the earning structure for each programme?

The weekly earning structure will be sent to you via email and will be available on our Grab Driver blog as usual. They will be updated every cycle.


What is Grab Auto?

Grab Auto provides you with car maintenance services with UP TO 30% discounts on retail prices.

We have three main partners under Grab Auto. Each partner provides discounts on different products and services.


Who is entitled to Grab Auto discounts?

Grab Ambassador: As long as you are qualified for the Grab Ambassador programme, you can redeem your Grab Auto discount anytime you want!

Grab-Pro / Grab-Flexi: For these two programmes, you must earn RM1,000 fare and above in the previous month in order to redeem the Grab Auto discount.


What discounts are provided under Grab Auto?





Terms & Conditions:

  • This programme is for all GrabCar (Economy) drivers in Klang Valley.
  • In order to qualify for this programme, you have to be an active GrabCar driver (driven at least once for Grab in the past 3 months).
  • All details stated above pertaining to this programme may be subject to change without prior notice.
  • In the event that Grab identifies any misconduct, fraudulent or gaming activities, or any active driving involvement with other competitors, Grab reserves the right to withhold benefits provided via this programme.
  • You are required to fuflill the earning structure requirements as usual to obtain the weekly incentives.
  • Kindly delete your competitor apps from your phone device upon submission of your form.
  • All decisions made by Grab are final.
  1. Ho soon chai 5 years ago

    Macam mana nak isi form grap ambassador’

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Ambassador program sudah tamat sejak 16 March 2018

  2. Mirzatunizam bin ismail 5 years ago

    Macam mana nk dapat komisen 20%….macam driver lain……sekarang 25%

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Dah expired. Karang semua new driver 25%…

  3. Axiff haxmi 5 years ago

    Susah skit la nak dpt income banyak2 klu mengharapkan flexi

  4. Axiff haxmi 5 years ago

    Opt in mmg dah xder atau dia akan tutup buat sementara?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Dah abolish permanently.

  5. Iris Ye Wan Hua 5 years ago

    Sadly to say that Grab Ambassador program has retired entirely since year of 2017.

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