last updated: 24 Aug 2018

How to maximise your grab incentive through peak hour

Introduction to Auto Accept (AA) Feature by Grab

We all know that you do not have the flexibility to choose your preferred trip in order to enjoy Hourly Guarantee(HG) incentive starting on 6 Aug 2018. However, the earning of incentive for HG will be explained below.

The objective of this article is to ensure grab drivers are aware of the incentive structure for driving with Grab and how you can maximise your earning through Grab. We all here know that there is a change on the incentive structure for grab drivers in Klang Valley especially for Hourly Guarantee(HG) players.

I will list down the changes and I will share with you on how you can maximise your earning through HG.


  1. Auto Accept is turned on
  2. Economy Grab Driver
  3. Opted in as HG driver (last opt in ended on 8 Aug 2018)
  4. Driver rating(DR) > 4.7
  5. No more Acceptance Rate(AR) requirement

Explanation of prerequisite

  1. Auto Accept is turned on

    • Auto accept is a feature to driver by Grab for you to automatically accept the job without your intervention.
    • With this feature turned on, you will enjoy the following benefit
      • Lower commission rate for Grab company which is 20% instead of 25%. For old driver which is earlier than March 2018, you still enjoy 20% commission regardless you are with AA or non AA
      • Hourly guarantee incentive when you are in peak hour
      • Priority allocation compare to non AA. Improved pickup distance.
      • Far pickup bonus is entitled.
      • No interruption to your app especially when you are driving. No toggle  between the app and navigation map while driving.
    • The drawback of AA features
      • You do not have choice to choose the trip
    • To turn on the AA, simply follow the instruction below
      • The toggle button can be found under Settings in the Driver Profile page. If you need to turn it off in a hurry, please turn off the ‘unavailable for jobs’ button and you will stop receiving jobs until you turn on the ‘availability’ button.
      • Click here to view the video on how to turn on AA.
  2. Economy Grab Driver

    • The hourly guarantee is only meant for Economy driver. Premium driver will have different incentive structure.
  3. Opted in as HG driver (last opt in ended on 8 Aug 2018)

    • You need to opt in as Hourly Guarantee plan before 8 of Aug 2018 in order to enjoy hourly guarantee incentive. After that date, newly registered driver are all fall under flexi driver.

How is the calculation of the Incentive for hourly guarantee (Klang Valley only)

You will receive your weekly incentive structure through the app notification every Sunday for the following week. Just tap in to your notification tab and view it there. There are some information missing from the notification which i will share it here.

Grab Hourly Guarantee HG Table

Grab Weekly Incentive Structure Table

Hourly Guarantee Grab Trip Table Klang Valley

Grab Weekly Incentive Structure Guarantee Amount

Example of HG Hourly Guarantee Calculation

Example of latest Grab Incentive Calculation

How to turn on AA

The toggle button can be found under Settings in the Driver Profile page. If you need to turn it off in a hurry, please turn off the ‘unavailable for jobs’ button and you will stop receiving jobs until you turn on the ‘availability’ button.

Click here to view the video on how to turn on AA.

When is my incentive payout?

Your incentive will be credited to your cash balance the following day evening around 9 pm – 11 pm. However, there are occasion that Grab payment delay but mostly to the following day due to big celebration like Raya or Chinese New Year holiday.

Tips & Tricks

For the first week, I do have some difficulty to find the balance on how to maximise the incentive. I was trying hard to find the balance point but after the second week, i found that the balancing is important for us to maximise our incentive. For full time driver, you need to balance between to drive during peak hour and non peak hour.

During Peak Hour

  1. On AA.
  2. Go to the place where there are a lot of short trips. LRT station, ktm station, MRT station etc is a good example where a lot of short trip there. You are prohibited to camp at a place. You need to do rotation of the place you wait to avoid being mark as camping. You may want to cite here.
  3. Off the back to back toggle button. You can only off it after you accepted a normal trip. On it back just before or after you drop the rider.
  4. Balance your time. If you are 5 minutes or less away to the next block of incentive hour, offline and wait for the next hour block. Do not greed because you may suffer to have a long trip and burn all your incentive or maybe will impact your next hour.
  5. If your first job for that particular peak hour over their guarantee hour and you manage to finish it before the next block hour, you may choose to offline and wait for the following hour block to start or you can continue for more job.

During Non Peak Hour

  1. Off your AA.
  2. Go to the place where there will be a lot of long trip.
  3. Select the fare which you would prefer. I would prefer trips between RM15 onwards but not outstation. You may want to cite here.
  4. Please maintain your AR not below 30% before end of Sunday 23:59.


Great news for all those who are interested to join Grabcar through us. If you are afraid of too complicated structure above, you may want to registered through us by whatsapp(+6)(0194885307) me or email(yongjc(at) through us and we will have people to support you and guide you through the tips and tricks and maximise your earning.

You might want to read my article “Should I Rent Car for Driving Grab/Grabcar/Uber?” for those whom are considering to rent car for Grab or other e-hailing platform.

You may also leave your comment or sharing below this article.


  1. Iris Ye Wan Hua 6 years ago

    To me this is a very drastic changes. However, I personally feel that this structure will benefit the part timer but not to the full timer. I would like to share my thought about this based on some simple calculation.

    Assuming you are only working in the UP hours and HP hour.
    Total UP hours/week = 28 hours
    Total HP hours/week = 36 hours
    Average trip/hour = 2 trips
    Online hour/available for job is 100%.

    Scenario 1
    @wangweesiang working for 100% in the UP and HP hours. His average trip for each hour is 2 trips.
    1. UP – 28 x RM45 = RM1260
    2. HP – 36 x RM32 = RM1152
    (Tier 1 – Fare collection in UP and HP hours is more than RM480)

    Total Gross fare collected + incentive = RM2412
    Total Net fare collected + incentive = RM2412 – 20%(Grab Commission) = RM1929

    Scenario 2
    @james-hoo is a part timer in Grab. His online hour in UP is 10 hours (100%) and HP 10 hours (100%). His average trips per hour is 2 trips.

    1. UP – 10 x RM40 = RM400
    2. HP – 10 x RM30 = RM300
    (Tier 2 – Fare collection in UP and HP hours is lesser than RM480)

    Total Gross fare collected + incentive = RM700
    Total Net fare collected + incentive = RM700 – 20%(Grab Commission) = RM560

    Do share with us if you have a better way of maximising your earning as Grab driver.

    • Rodel ronquillo 6 years ago

      In your promo code what thus it mean by RMxx
      Where xx is the number you are mentioning.

      • Author
        admin 6 years ago

        I do not get you. May i know which phrase or sentence are you referring at?

  2. Rodel Ming Ming Ronquillo 6 years ago

    What do you mean by RM30, RM40 etc.
    What is RM?

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      RM is meant for Ringgit Malaysia as the timesheet is referring to the bonus guarantee hour in Ringgit Malaysia.

    • Andy 6 years ago

      Why are you even here in the first place when you dont even know what RM stands for?

      Are you fucking retarded ?

  3. Iris Ye Wan Hua 6 years ago

    Noted that the admin has updated the latest Grab incentive structure. Just out of my curiosity, if I’ve accepted a job at 7:00PM, does Grab consider me at block 6:00PM – 7:00PM or 7:00PM – 8:00PM?

    • Yong Joh Chen 6 years ago

      Hi @irisye, according to our community, your job would be under the block hour of 7:00PM – 8:00PM. If you have accepted the job at 6:59 pm, based on the job history, then you job would be fall in the block hour of 6:00PM to 7:00PM. Kindly be acknowledge ya.

      Do let us know if you have further queries on this matter.

      • Sir 5 years ago

        For the purpose of incentive, is the number of trips per hour based upon pick-up or drop-off time?

        • Author
          admin 5 years ago


          It will be based on accepted time, which is when you click accept when job coming in.

  4. Eric 6 years ago

    Hi, I just started as a grab driver last week but I never receive my incentive structure as per mention by grabcar. Do you know where can I get it or how can it request from grab?


    • Iris Ye Wan Hua 6 years ago

      Dear Eric,

      Grab will send the incentive structure every Sunday evening around 10PM. However, for new driver, you may receive it the following week or the email went to promotion inbox in your gmail. You may want to check on it in promotion box.

      Alternatively you may refer to for the latest incentive structure for Grab. They will update it every week as well. You may want to save the link for your future reference.

  5. Iris Ye Wan Hua 6 years ago

    Hi All,

    It is very important for all Grabber to op-in to the Grab Ambassador programme. You will enjoy much more benefits in term of incentives and better requirement to achieve your incentives.

    Aside to your point @admin, if we are experience grabber, we might want to ignore job which can risk us to lose an incentive hour. This is important because the time taken for the journey may affect you to the next hour say MP hour.

    Example is like, i am pickup up a KLIA trip at 4:55Pm on Friday at Mont Kiara. I know that when i reach KLIA would be 6 something and i will be losing a MP hour because i am not pickup up any trip at 5:00PM – 6:00PM.

    • bob 6 years ago

      How do i reload using the voucher from KK Mart? Tks

      • Iris Ye Wan Hua 6 years ago

        Hi Bob, you may purchase the top up for grab reload and click on your wallet and top up with pin. that all.

  6. Kevin Ng 6 years ago

    Hi All,

    I just started Grabcar last week. Apart from the fare collected, how do i receive driver incentive from Grab?

    • Yong Joh Chen 6 years ago

      Hi Kevin Ng,

      Have you op-in to Grab Ambassador? If not, kindly op-in and you shall enjoy the highest incentive rate from Grab. You may op-in from the from in this website –>

      Please read through how does the incentive structure work for Grab.

      If you are eligible to receive their incentive, they will top up all your incentive to your wallet on every Tuesday late evening around 11pm-12AM. You will receive your summary on Thursday evening and they will move some of the balance to your bank account, deducted from your wallet on Friday.

      Hope this clarified.

  7. Vishnu Samydurai 6 years ago

    I’m just started in Dec 5th up to date I have 132 pick up. Is this good. What is my payment like

  8. Iris Ye Wan Hua 6 years ago

    Hi Vishnu,

    Within a week? FYI, the cycle for grab is by week, Monday 12:00AM – Sunday 11:59PM. If you manage to get that much of job per week and mostly within peak hour (MP, UP, HP and P) then your gross earning is around Rm2200 – RM2700. BTW, are you a full timer in Grab?


    • Vishnu Samydurai 6 years ago

      No I’m just a part timer as I do it after my full time job from 4pm usually up to 10 pm.
      Can I know the nissan car will be just as lease or will we own it at a certain period of years

    • Foh ming ong 5 years ago

      This rm2300-2700 is per week or per day?

  9. Saha 6 years ago

    Hi Iris,

    Saw your feedback and appreciate your guidance and tips. However i have a small quiry, if you dont mind can you advice me if a part time driver can earn incentive more ( if we are working only few days in a week) such as weekends approximately from 4pm – 4am. Another problem i faced while using the application, why do I receive job which is 5km away from me and the booking amount is only less than 9 ringgit which i believe is not worth the time and oil consumption ( non busy area ) such as cheras perdana area/ taman len sen.

    • Yong Joh Chen 6 years ago

      Hi Saha,

      You may refer to Grab weekly incentive structure at

      You may plan your time there for the most profitable earning. Please be informed that the guarantee amount is 60 minutes online. E.g. if you pick up a job and complete it within 30 minutes and you switch off the app, then your guarantee is at 50% of the guarantee amount.

      When there is no driver, and you are the nearest, then you have no choice. You still have 15 seconds to decide whether you want to accept the job. However, ignoring the job may result your incentive burnt depending on your acceptance rate. Grab Ambassador have 85% and above and Grab Pro having 88% and above to be eligible for the incentive.

      • Kuah 6 years ago

        As Saha mentioned, is it not worth the time and oil consumption ( non busy area ) such as cheras perdana area/ taman len sen with fare RM9.00 because no hourly guarantee amount will be paid for non busy area.

        • Author
          admin 6 years ago

          Hi Kuah,

          I think you have misunderstand Grab incentive structure. The 50% core area is an accumulative amount of total trip completed within Klang Valley at MP, UP, HP and P hour regardless you are in core or non core area. For example, if you completed a trip in MP at non core area, and at the end of the week, you maintain 85% and above for Grab Ambassador or 88% if you are Grab Pro, you still entitled the guaranteed hour on that non core area trip. Hope this clarified.

          Our group full timer is guided to note down all his completed trip for tracking purposes in order to avoid not hitting core area regulation. Do let us know if you would like to join our full timer group.

          • Michael Mica 6 years ago

            I would love to join your full timer group, how do I take part? I just starting full time

          • Author
            admin 6 years ago

            Hi Michael,

            Just sent an email to you.

          • Harry 4 years ago

            I want too, if you do not mind.

  10. Nurul 6 years ago

    Am new grab driver…this is my 3rd spending most of my driving/waiting time in klcc area…and am only getting 2 jobs for d past 3 weeks. I’ve also tried to go to places marked as red such as damansra, sogo and also bangsar…but am not getting any passenger. Please advise how to increase my jobs… ??

    • Yong Joh Chen 6 years ago

      Hi Nurul,

      First of all, you need to make sure that your grab wallet is RM 15 and above. Value below the mentioned amount will result you not to receive any job. Ensure that your phone is online. I do not believe waiting at KLCC doesn’t acquire any ping.

      We normally will ensure our drivers to have a minimum of RM30 inside your wallet and keep at least a cuupon RM10 incase of emergency to be top up. You can buy a top up coupon at kk mart or pertronas station. Just tell them Grab coupon and they will understood.

      • Nurul 6 years ago

        Owhh… yeahh…my wallet is less than rm15…will buy top up coupon now…after i buy the coupon, how can i reload it to my e wallet?

        Really really appreciate your assistance.. thank you

  11. Nurul 6 years ago

    Got it dan top up already…thank you soooooo much mr/ms yong joh chen.. really appreciate it….

  12. Hakim 6 years ago

    Hi. I just started driving for Grab last week. Today, i can see that there is some amount of money credited to my wallet as credits. So, can i transfer the money coz from my understanding, you can only cash out the fund inside your wallet.

  13. Mohd Lukman Hakim 6 years ago

    Hi. I just started drivingw for Grab last week. Today, i cn see that there’s a fund credited to my wallet in the form of “credits”. Does grab pay the incentive this way? Can I cash out the credit? Thank you guys.

    • Yong Joh Chen 6 years ago

      Hi @mohd-lukman-hakim

      The payment cycle for Grab is on every Tuesday or Wednesday, they will credit your incentive amount into your wallet for the previous week. Then they will deduct it from your wallet on Thursday or Friday and bank in to your registered account.

      What our community does is even for GrabPay( Credit card payment), we will transfer out to our wallet before Grab credit our incentive to our wallet (Mininum RM10 per Transfer) and by Thursday or Friday, Grab will auto deduct from your wallet and credit it to you bank as well.

      Hope this clarify.

      • Andy 6 years ago

        I guess what he meant was why is it added to the credit wallet instead of the cash wallet?

        • Yong Joh Chen 6 years ago

          Hi Andy,

          There is only 2 wallets account in Grab, Grab Wallet and GrabPay (Cash Balance). Grab will always credit your incentive through your wallet. Besides that, if your passenger is using promo code, grab will credit it to your grab wallet as well. Normally every Tuesday, grab will credit it to your wallet and on Friday, it will deduct the amount from your wallet and bank in to your registered account.

          The GrabPay account is only meant for credit card transaction from your customer fare + toll. You need to exercise your grabpay account either topping up to your wallet (minimum RM10 each top up) or directly to the bank account registered earlier on which will take around 2-3 weeks). Our group advice is top up all your grabpay collection to your wallet before the incentive is credited to your wallet by Grab.

  14. Simon Choo 6 years ago

    How to get acceptance 85% been doing more than 15 trips today only can get around 11%. With this rate need to do 7 days only can get 77%~~ then the incentive is too far to gain….

    Any advise

    Grabdriver (Kota Kinabalu)

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Simon,

      Your acceptance rate is refreshed every week. Please try to buffer yourself not to ignore too much job at the beginning. It is hard to get back to the required acceptance rate if you ignore too much job.

  15. Bazli 6 years ago

    Hi there..i just registered for can i start? The top up an such..even the bank account..can anyone help?

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Bazli,

      First of all, may i know if your account is activated? If yes, then you need to maintain RM15 in order to receive incoming job for economy Grab. You can either go to kk mart or petronas station to get the top up coupon. If you have credit card, you can go to to purchase the top up coupon.

      Do let us know if the above comment help.

      • Hakim 5 years ago i need to stay online for 1 whole hour in mp block to get the incentives?

        • Author
          admin 5 years ago

          No Hakim, you do not need. The online hour will be prorate based on your online hour within that hour. Don’t worry too much on this.

  16. ZULKIFLI MOHMAD 6 years ago

    If i do trip outside the MP UP HP and P hours…the trip will not effect to the calculation for 50% busy area right? Because i always online for trip at my area which non busy area after 12am.

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Zulkifli,

      Yes, you are right. The core area for 50% is only meant for the MP, UP, HP and P hour only. Working outside the stipulated hours will not affect your core are percentage. BTW, may i know if you are a full time driver? You may PM me if you are full time driver as we are grouping all Grab full timer.

      • Michael 6 years ago

        Hi admin, I would love to join your grouping. I working full time grab for this several days however I m not been satisfied with the result. Everyday trip I only does around 20trip. Do u have any specific strategy to help me out? I sometimes waste unnecessary time in non peak zone, because previously was brought towards the area. N each job I ignore would affect how much on my acceptance rate.

        • Author
          admin 6 years ago

          Hi Michael,

          Thank you for your interest in our group. Please send me an email at if you wish to join our group with strategy sharing. May i know how many hours you spent for 20 trips per day?

          Core Area requirement
          It doesn’t matter if you are in non core area, what matter is you need to maintain at least 50% of your pickup trip in core area. If let say you have a lot of core area jobs, you can go to non core area to make your trip because you will have lesser competitor at that area.

          Acceptance Rate
          For this matter, if depend on how many bullet you can play around with. If you have more trips within that week, your acceptance rate will drop slower. However, with that result, your acceptance increment rate will be increased slower as well. Hence acceptance rate is really depend on your how many trips you have accepted or ignored.

          • Michael 6 years ago

            Sure, thanks for the explanation.. I spend around eight hours to get 20. Really depends on the area also, got once I tried in Mont kiara non-stop action for twelve hour I got to 30… Is this poor result consider with experience driver My current theory is go on more complete drive per hour as priority so it seems I always stuck on something, I do not know is the location or is my strategy ain’t efficient enough..

      • Mos 5 years ago

        Hi @admin , I am a Grab Full Time. Just see your comment as u want to grouping the FT grabbers. Thanks.

        • Author
          admin 5 years ago

          Hi, we do encourage more member to join into our family so that we can share info with each other. I’ve just sent an email to your registered email into this website.

  17. A 6 years ago

    Hi, Can i know more about the terms and conditions and everythig about the Rent And Drive Program and how can i start?

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi A,

      There are 3 packages for this Go Project from Grab. Below would be the packages offered by Grab.

      1. Package A
      – RM200/week
      – 5 Years Contract
      – Free Maintenance excluding battery and tyre
      – Cannot use it for Uber Partner/Driver

      2. Package B
      – RM250/week
      – 3 Years Contract
      – Free Maintenance excluding battery and tyre
      – Cannot use it for Uber Partner/Driver

      3. Package C
      – RM300/week
      – 1/2 Years Contract
      – Free Maintenance excluding battery and tyre
      – Cannot use it for Uber Partner/Driver

      To signup for this program, you need to visit Grab office at Jaya One. Tell them you are interest in this and they will make an appointment for an interview. Any blacklisting from CTOS will be disqualified.

      • ChrisChong 6 years ago

        How to entitle for contract? Incentive pay of 300 each week

        • Author
          admin 6 years ago

          Hi Chris,

          If you would like to go for Project Go, kindly ensure you do not have any black listing from CCRIS or CTOS. Their rental would be deducted from your wallet credit where Grab will pay your incentive through that wallet.

      • Jeremy 5 years ago

        Can I ask this is for full time for contract base ? which mean they get extra incentives per week ?

        • Author
          admin 5 years ago

          Fleet management is no longer available for Grab. However, you still can join as normal IO driver but driving full time.

  18. GreySon Lim 6 years ago

    Hi, I’m so curious, why my incentive always around 500 per week. Even I work so hard at busy area. I really wanted to know how to earn more incentive.

    • Yong Joh Chen 6 years ago

      Hi @greyson-lim

      Since you have incentive, i assume that you comply with their requirement and i will not be elaborating further on this.

      First of all, have you opt-in as a Grab Ambassador? This status will allow you to earn the best incentive from Grab. Before you opt-in, kindly ensure that you do not have Uber Driver app in your phone for you to be eligible for this status.

      Second, please plan your time and ensure you have at least a trip for each golden hour. You may refer to for the latest incentive structure on this web forum.

      Third, if you want to have the mentioned incentive hour, ensure that you online 60 minutes on that block hour for you to get the max incentive from Grab. E.g. online 7:30AM – 8:30AM will have 1/2 guaranteed incentive hours for 7:00am-8:00am and 1/2 of 8:00AM-9:00AM.

      • kf 6 years ago

        Hi Admin,

        Can I know what mean by online 60 minutes on that block hour?
        Once I accept a job, then I need to set available for job off, is this still consider online?
        I don’t really clear what the online means.

        • Author
          admin 6 years ago

          Hi KF,

          That mean the guarantee incentive is that you need to be available for the job for 60 minutes within that block for you to entitle the full mentioned incentive.

        • chan 6 years ago

          Hi admin, it is KF entitle the incentive? most customer put on grap share. i always need off the available, When fetch someone customer. it is consider online ?

          • Author
            admin 6 years ago

            Hi Chan,
            We noted it is online but you are advise to put online the whole hour. Tap it to offline if you do not wish to continue during that time. Do not try to block your grab share or back to back this way.

  19. Mike 6 years ago


    I m confused with the incentive structure. I’m doing grab 100% but i have to drop my wife at her office at 9am and pick her up at 6pm Monday- Friday. Beside that i do grab… can u please teach me how to earn more incentive? i don’t quite understand how they calculate the incentive.

  20. Ezs 6 years ago

    Hi iris,i want to clear some doubts..Now I’m become full-time Grabcar driver so where I should check my incentive statement? and last week I didn’t receive any incentive from grab.please advice me.Thank you

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Ezs,

      Every thursday Grab will send you the summary to your email. You may check on the promotion folder or spam folder if you not able to find it in your main folder inside your mailbox.

  21. RayLeo 6 years ago

    Anyone could help me on this, will be much appreciated. I have a query on 50% trips from peak area at peak time. Is this mean that it has to be exactly 50% or more than that will suffice. How many trips a driver is reasonably expected to do a week (average) as I’m a part time driver and will only able to go all out on weekends.

  22. Yong Joh Chen 6 years ago

    Hi Ray,

    To answer you on the 50% requirement, we recommend you to maintain at least 51% and above. Do you own recording by jotting down your trip pickup history and check with the map if your pickup is in busy area.

    There is no minimum trips to be completed. It is based on your convenient or you may do it whenever you are free since you are a part timer. Just ensure that you will have at least a trip within an hour online to secure your incentive.

  23. Jason 6 years ago

    Hi, I am not really understand about hour blocks.

    For example, if I receive a job at 6.55 pm and completed at 7-8 pm,
    which hour block should it belongs to? 6-7? 7-8?

    • Iris Ye Wan Hua 6 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      It will be consider as block 6-7. The incentive hour for Grab is based on your accepted job, meaning when you click accept job, not the time you pickup nor completed hour.

  24. Michael 6 years ago

    Joining grab by this week. Any advise if I were to drive from 8pm to 1am weekdays and full-time from 10am till 8pm weekends. Will I be generating around 2k a month? Please advise me. Besides filling up the online forms do I need to attend any course?

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Michael,

      May i know have you registered Grab? If not, you may register with us. We will have group to support you and you need not go back to their kiosk to verify. You may send email to one of our member for detail contact at

      To us, the best is to work base on the best incentive given. Please work for MP, UP, and HP and if can P as well.

  25. Tim 6 years ago

    May I know how to see the busy area because I can’t see the highlighted area at google map. Pls help. Cos my incentive is so low and I m working part time.

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Tim,

      It is easy, just use you phone and open this link –> busy area using google map. Then ensure that your setting in your map is as illustrated below.

      Busy Area Setting to Google Map Mobile

      • Tim 6 years ago

        Hi admin, thank you for your reply. I would like to know I switch offline when I fetching the customer therefore the online time will be until my drop off time or when I switch offline? (Example: fetching customer I switch off 6:30pm then drop off customer at 7:02pm)

        • Author
          admin 6 years ago

          Hi Tim,

          Yes, we did a research on this and noted that it is still under online time. I don’t have much info on this so i can’t confirm.

  26. Meera 6 years ago

    hello, i just started becoming a grabber last week.

    Two questions:

    1. As my understanding, the cash wallet is to be used when collecting the fare from passengers. But for discounted fare, will the balance of the fare be credit into out credit wallet if the passengers use promo code?

    2. Can the balance in the credit wallet be transferred into the cash wallet?

    FYI, I’m a part time grabber and planning to take up jobs on weekends only.

    Seek your clarification.

    Thank you.

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Meera,
      1. Yes. It will be credited back to your wallet for the promo rider used.
      2. There is 2 wallet here. 1 is called grabpay and the other is call grab wallet. Grabpay credit can be use to top up your grab wallet or you may transfer it back to your bank account which will take few working days.

      Hope this clarify.

  27. ray 6 years ago

    dear admin,
    i’m interested to join your team and this was my 1st to try as grabber.

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Ray,

      Sure, i shall be emailing you.

  28. Derick 6 years ago

    Dear admin, Im a full time uber driver previously before joining grab . Only today I done activation on my grabcar account. Can i understand more regarding of the incentive scheme which i don’t understand much yet. And what’s the difference to be a grabcar ambassador or pro? I’m a full timer driver.

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Derick,

      I shall pm you through email which you have registered on our websites. We actually welcome new drivers whom have not activated yet and register through us. Anyway, i shall be assisting you through wechat or whatapps.

      Kindly check your email on my reply to you on this matter.

  29. Mr Ng 6 years ago

    Hi Admin, I’m interest to join your team. Any requirement I need to? It’s any charger when I join? Thanks ya.

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Mr Ng,

      Thanks you for your interest to join our EDG group. I shall be emailing you for the joining. This joining is meant for new grab car driver only.

  30. John 6 years ago

    Hi Guys, I am planning to start driving grab or uber full time this week in Johor Bahru. Which is better? Can you please advice how to maximize my earnings? What I need to do?

    • Yong Joh Chen 6 years ago


      We have not venture to Johor territory yet. However, you may check their incentive structure here

      However, if you are interested to try KL area, you may contact us by emailing us at


      • John 6 years ago

        Thank you Joh.

  31. Jason 6 years ago

    Hi all,

    I have been driving grab for 2 weeks now. Everyweek i get around rm 600 and last week i did 50 trips. But it seems tha i receive less than rm 200 on my incentives. What is wrong with that? Could someone explain to me? I did pick up people during the HP and MP hour in a busy areas.

    Thank you!

    • Iris Ye Wan Hua 6 years ago

      Hello Jason,

      You may want to check on your summary on Thursday. It might due to your busy area is lesser than 50% and you are not entitled incentive instead of flexi incentive.

      • Jason 6 years ago

        Hi Iris,

        How do i check my summary?

        • Iris Ye Wan Hua 6 years ago

          Check it in your email Jason. 🙂 It will be sent to your registered email. You might want to check in your spam mail as well because i do get it in my spam mail too.

      • isyhadsyifa 5 years ago

        Hi ms.iris..this also happen to my husband..only get around rm200 for the incentive..he did more than 50trips/ week..i wonder if the color for certain area showed in the grab app (some are red, orange n green n no color) it considered busy area? My husbnd did call the customer service n they did not say that driver must pick up atleast 50% from busy area to entitled the incentive..really need ur help to clarify this..tq…

        • Iris Ye Wan Hua 5 years ago


          Oh, ic. No there is no more core area anymore. Just need to maintain 85% AR for grab ambassador or 88% for grab pro, star rating 4.7 and above and 10% cancellation and below.

          • JOCELYN TEH 5 years ago

            Hi Iris,

            I am a part time grabber. We do not need to achieve at least 50% of pick up in busy area to be entitled for the incentive anymore?

          • Iris Ye Wan Hua 5 years ago

            Hi Jocelyn,

            No longer applicable. Now everywhere is busy area.

          • Terminder 5 years ago

            Hi can i join the full time group im driving for grab.
            I drive 6am to 9am nonstop but my incentif is only few ringgit


  32. Pink 6 years ago


    I’m thinking to join Grab car as part time driver. I want to ask if I choose to opt in to be Grab Ambassador program at the beginning , I will enjoy the ambassador incentive scheme immediately after I opted in or I need to go through maybe a week of evaluation period first? And actually, what conditions to differentiate part time and full time? Thank you 🙂

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Pink,

      Good question, if you join before wednesday, and you opt in before wed or thursday the same week, you might be enjoying the ambassador program on the registration week itself. Hope this clarified.

  33. Warren 6 years ago

    Hi admin,

    How Grab to know whether we are still using competitor app after opt in?

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Hi Warren, remember that grab is seeking your permission when installing to share your information and retrieve your imei information? These are how grab collect your information. So please do not install uber app if you wanna to enjoy ambassador program.


  34. Ting 5 years ago

    I wanna ask about the incentive
    If I pick up customer should switch to available job off right?
    So that means I will get 50% incentive?
    Btw,if already pick customer but switch to available job on, still pop up a new job but I can’t accept it,bcoz haven’t drop off customer
    So will cause my accept rate drop?

  35. Ting 5 years ago

    I wanna ask about the incentive
    If I pick up customer should switch to available job off right?
    So that means I will get 50% incentive?
    Btw,if already pick customer but switch to available job on, still pop up a new job but I can’t accept it,bcoz haven’t drop off customer
    So will cause my accept rate drop?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Ting,

      No, you should not switch it to off unless that is your last customer. When you switch to off, after you press drop off, your online hour is considered off after you drop off. Please note that the incentive is based on your online hour prorate. Meaning if you online hour for MP is 40 minutes and only pickup 1 job (RM 3), your incentive is RM40 – RM 3 = RM 37 gross (before deduct 20% grab commission)

      The correct way is you will accept the job first for grabcar and you will drop off your customer before picking up your new customer. Customer screen will noted that as there is a note to the customer that you are dropping off your customer.

      There is another job call grabshare where you will follow the screen either to pick up who and to drop off who first. Kindly attend the training provided for grabshare.

      • Ting 5 years ago

        Thanks lot
        I’m a full time grab driver
        I’m interesting to join ur group..
        Can u add me?

  36. Jholan 5 years ago

    Hi, I’m interested of becoming a grab driver. However, I’m still waiting for my driving license to be completed first. But before that, i would like to know the requirement for an Alpha driver. I’ve been informed that we have to complete 80 trips Per week or will be rejected as a driver if i didn’t completed the 80 trips. Please clarify on this matter. Tq.

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Jholan,

      First of all, grab driver can do as many trips as they like unless you are a full timer. Alpha driver has nothing to do with this. It is just a referral program where you can refer your friend without going back to office for verification.

  37. Faiz 5 years ago

    Can i join your community?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Faiz,

      You may join our community here. Feel free to ask any question. If you would like to join our wechat community, you need to be registered with us for grab registration. Btw, may i know if you have registered with Grab before?

  38. Jason 5 years ago

    Hi Admin,

    I would like to check with you regarding the incentive issue. I become GrabCar driver last week. However I did not receive any incentive for last week. Not sure what is the issue?
    Is it Penang got categories any busy area?


    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      No, busy area percentage requirement only applicable for klang valley. You may want to wait for your summary which they will send to your every Thursday evening mostly. Be sure to check in your spam box.

  39. Rajesh 5 years ago

    Hi, just a small doubt. If i’m a part time grab driver do i need to opt in for grab ambassador.

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Rajesh,

      If you would like to have a higher guarantee rate for your incentive, please do opt in. This is only meant for driver whom only drive grab. Please ensure that your mobile phone doesn’t have grab competitor driver app.

      • Rajesh 5 years ago

        Can you explain more in detail about the incentive. I dont quite understand how it works.

        • Author
          admin 5 years ago

          Hi Rajesh,

          Each hour block is guarantee with the mentioned amount. Just ensure you have at least a trip on the incentive hour and your online hour is complied.

          • Rajesh 5 years ago

            So if im online for 30 minutes during the high peak hour and managed to complete one trip, I will get RM 23 for it. Is tat correct?

  40. ave 5 years ago

    hi,I’m interested to join grab as part time, how do I start?

  41. Satish 5 years ago

    Hi admin, I’m about to be a grab driver, can you pls explain me approximately how much can I earn in a week if I drive for full time and for part time as well..

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Satish,

      It is really depend on your incentive and your collected fare. Full timer with 61 hours will be able to earn around RM1800 – RM2200 every week where part timer is depend on how much time you spent. Hope this clarified.

  42. Charles 5 years ago

    Where do i check to see if i got the incentives or not?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Charces,

      You will be able to know if you have incentive when they credit it to your wallet every tuesday evening and sometimes wednesday afternoon. The summary will be sent to your email every thurday evening.

  43. Firdaus 5 years ago

    Hi admin..i just started as a fulltime grab driver today..i would like to join your full timer group… thank you..

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Firdaus,

      May i know have you activated your account? For joining our wechat community, you need to register with us. If your account is not activated yet, kindly let me know so that i can switch you to our group.

  44. Firdaus 5 years ago

    Already activated…that means i cannot join rigt?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Firdaus,

      Full timer can only be registered when the applicant has not registered with Grab.

  45. Firdaus 5 years ago

    Ok, tq admin

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Firdaus,

      You are most welcome. However, you may want to introduce your friend by sharing this link

  46. Amad 5 years ago

    Hi admin, I’m curious about the grab pro programme.

    I’ve completed the grab driver registration & started on the last Tuesday, do I already automatically available for grab pro grogramme and able to revieve the incentive for the week with all trips I’ve done?

    Or do I need to register to be in the grab pro programme to receive the incentive.

    I appreciate your assistance.

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Amad,

      For grab pro programme, you just need to hit 88% acceptance rate and above, 50% busy area, below 10% cancellation and 4.4 rating (before 24.4.2017) and you are automatically under grab pro programme. However, if you are not using uber driver app at the same phone, you may opt in to be grab ambassador where you will enjoy higher incentive rate. Detail can be found here.

  47. Loh 5 years ago

    Hi, i just sign up for grab driver for last week, how long i need to wait fo the activation for grab?

    I hv complete 2 step for registration from online and the grab tranning quiz online, for the third step i should wait for the email or whaapps for verifyy document or i can direct go to grab center? Please advise…

  48. Irwan 5 years ago

    Hi admin,
    I’ve been a part-time Grab driver for 2 months, and have just opted-in (and accepted) for Grab Ambassador program last week. I am quite confused with the low incentive payout that I’ve been receiving for the past 2 weeks.

    2 weeks ago I only spent 2 days doing grab (Saturday and Sunday) and received RM90 payout for the Grab Pro program. Whereas last week, I’ve spent 5 days getting jobs within the peak hours but ONLY received RM78 payout for Grab Pro (not Grab Ambassador!) even though I’ve opted in last week.

    My rating for last week, based on their email:
    Acceptance Rate: 93.94%
    Cancellation Rate: 0.00%
    Driver Rating: 4.83
    Busy Area Ratio for Mega Peak, Ultra Peak, High Peak and Peak: 92%

    I should receive the payout for Grab Ambassador program since my AR, DR & CR as well as my Busy Area ratio are all within its requirement.

    Can you help me understand how it actually works, please?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      To eligible for Grab Ambassador, you need to ensure your phone doesn’t have competitor driver app installed before you opt in. This is because their app able to detect competitor driver app and once detected, you will be remain in grab pro for another month before they promote your rank to ambassador. Opted in process may take about 2 weeks so you might want to wait for another week.

  49. Ikuiku Liew 5 years ago

    Can i know if for that mp hour i do 1trip is Rm40 so that meant mega peak hour i still can get incentive or not? and also confirm is 1 week i do 61 hour i can get more incentive untill how much i be driver 5month ady but i still cannot confirm how about grab company calculate incentive can you give me answer?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Short answer no. Their guarantee is for those trips which is lesser than RM40. For 61 hours would be under fleet registration which our community is doing. Eligibility for additional bonus would be to register under our fleet. Independent registration is not valid.

  50. Amani 5 years ago


    Its really informative page hope can get answer for this.

    i have done 2 weeks full time grab follow incentive structure , HP UP MP, above 50% busy area ratio sent by sms from grab and hourly 60 minutes block but my incentive just 200++ (under Grab ambassador programme)

    1st week 34 completed 17th april to 23rd april incentive = RM267
    2nd week 31 completed 24th april to 30th april incentive = RM206.33

    As i culcalate follow incentive hourly garanteed guidance its so much diffrent.

    Is there anything wrong? Can explain for this..

    Thank you

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Amani,

      Actually it is easy to calculate the incentive once you understand the formula below.

      Incentive = ((Online hour for that block/60 minutes * Guarantee Hour) – Collected Fare) * 0.8

      The above formula is based on the accepted trip for that block hour which will determine your guarantee hour. Hope this clarify.

  51. Jimmy 5 years ago

    Can anyone invite me into grab driver whatsapp group , btw im a newbie . So I’ve a lot of thing to learn .

  52. Ong Kai Kok 5 years ago


    I’m going to grab HQ this coming wednesday to register, 1 question here regarding MP, HP UP, or P guarantee is . Is it consider if i pick up customer from non busy area to busy area, am I qualify for the guarantee Gross?

    Thank you

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Kai Kok,

      You will be qualify for the incentive regardless you pick from core or non core. As long as your pickup total for that week is over 50%, Acceptance rate > 85% for grab ambassador or 88% for Grab pro, Cancellation rate below 10% and star rating above 4.7, then you are eligible.

      Hope this clarified.

  53. Bobhartanah 5 years ago

    Hi all.., I would like to know if I register for Grab Ambassador, if I did not achieve the criteria set, will my incentives be calculated automatically to Grab Pro/Flexi? Or will I be penalised or something like that.?


    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Bobhartanah,

      If you are Grab ambassador and you cannot meet the criteria, then you will be under flexi program. You will not be penalised but just that you will not receive the incentive as grab ambassador. Please take note that your AR cannot be lower than 30% else you will be given a warning and will be terminated if you repeat it more than 2 times.

  54. Vimal 5 years ago

    How do I join the Grab Full Timer group?
    New to grab. Looking forward to gaining experience and money!
    Thank you.

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Vimal,

      Thank you for your interest in joining our community as full time Grab driver. We will guide you until you know how to max your earning through Grab. Kindly register yourself here and our member will contact you.

  55. Human 5 years ago

    I am a very experienced driver. Part timer and I can do easily 180-200 trips a week. Getting incentive easily >RM1k/week.

    I would like to clarify that the “drop off” time is the one that determines which hour block the trip falls into. It is not the pickup. Take note that Grab’s terms is “completed trips”. Say, if I pick up at 5.55am and drop off at 6.05am, the trip falls into 6-7am block.

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Human,

      Thank you for your highlight here. However, based on what we have observe it is count by pickup job. We did verify with our own calculation base on our job history. I would like to know more on this if you can supply me with the relevant link.

  56. jieyang 5 years ago

    Hi there admin , currently i live in Johor bahru i haven register yet because my car will be arrive on 1 june.
    I was planing to commit my self into a full-time grabber once i get hands on my car.
    my question is am i be able to work in klang area when i register my self in johor bahru areas ?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Jieyang,

      No, you will not be able to work in klang valley if you register in JB. You may only receive ping from Klang Valley if you register in KL.

  57. lawrence 5 years ago

    hi admin, i would like to join the community. Can i know what’s the procedure?

  58. Jordan Kwan 5 years ago

    Hi. Admin. I’m new grab car driver. I’m interested to join your team. Any requirement to join your team?

  59. Jordan Kwan 5 years ago

    Hi. How to upgrade from grab pro to grab ambassador? What is the requirement?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Jordan,

      You may opt in by clicking the link here.. Kindly ensure that your phone is not installed with the competitor app.

  60. Wong 5 years ago

    May i know where my incentive go? Credit wallet or cash wallet? Pls advise. Thanks

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Wong,
      It will be credited to your credit wallet on Tuesday or sometimes Wednesday evening. You will receive your summary on Thursday and it will be credited to your registered bank account on Friday.

  61. Peter AngLim 5 years ago

    Hi, I’m new grab driver, just wanner to know if passenger on board or going to drop off soon can I accept any available jobs?? Due to grab penalty guild line we can’t accept any job with passenger on board, what should we do if incoming job and passenger still on board

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Peter,

      Yes, you need to accept the incoming job even when you have passenger on board. There are 2 types of jobs, 1 is back to back where you will drop off your existing customer before picking up the second one. The other would be grab share where you will pick up 1st customer and there might be second customer which you need to pickup before dropping off either one of it based on your app sequence indication. Hope this clarified.

      • Peter AngLim 5 years ago

        Thank you so much for your information

  62. Peter AngLim 5 years ago

    Hi.admin, what happen if we get stuck on heavy traffic and accepted a new job, but we have inform new job passenger of the traffic situation but some of the passengers cancelled the job and drop down our acceptance. What should we do about it, please advise thank you in advance.

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Peter,

      When customer cancelled, it i will not affect your AR (Acceptance Rate). Acceptance rate will only be affected if you ignore the incoming job. Once accepted, you can only cancel it either by you or customer. If cancelled by you, your cancellation rate will be affected.

  63. Sam 5 years ago

    Hi Admin
    I’ve just registered to be a Grab driver a day ago and stumbled onto this site. Anyway I have a few questions
    1. Does Penang has a so called busy area where driver has to complete at least 50% at the area in order to receive the MP UP HP incentive?
    2. If I pick up customer from island and dropped him off at mainland do I get to charge him the bridge toll fee?
    3. If I drive from 8pm to 6pm on weekdays and 1pm to 6pm and weekends how much estimate can I make per week net?
    4. Where and how can I join a supportive team (in Penang) like what you have here?
    5. As I’m registered in Penang what if Grab assigned me a customer with destination to Taiping would I be compensate for my trip back to Penang?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Leong,

      Kindly refer to my comment below for your questions.
      1. No
      2. Yes, toll is not inclusive in the state fare.
      3. This question is vary, anyway, you will have to try because it really depend on trips and incentive.
      4. Emm, i am not sure for Penang.
      5. No, that is why you need to ignore it if you feel it is not worthy.

      Hope the above comment could help you.

      • Sam 5 years ago

        What if that week I get 50% of out of state request assigned to me and I ignore it then my AR would be very low and no more incentive for me right?

  64. William 5 years ago

    I would like to opt in as Grab Ambassador but I already have Uber apps (just uber, not uber driver). If I uninstall the uber apps, is it ok?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi William,

      Yes, it is ok. As long as not Uber Driver App on the same phone.

  65. Vin 5 years ago

    Hi iris…if opt in for ambassador, is there any minimum requirements for number of trips or hours to go online per week?

    • Iris Ye Wan Hua 5 years ago

      Hi Vin,

      No as i know. They just wanted you not to drive for Uber only. 🙂

      • Vin 5 years ago

        Thank you very much for kind reply…. And the car with grab sticker issit all ambassador must stick?

  66. Michael leong 5 years ago

    Hi Iris, i used to drive for Mytaxi under Grabtaxi scheme but since have stop for over 6 months. The account is now dormant and i have decided to drive for Grabcar now.
    I checked with Grab HQ in Jaya One PJ and they have asked me to transfer all the money and accounts into my Grabcar on registration meaning i will have to registered with them and i cannot registered through your group and hence will not be able to join you and your group.
    Is there any option left

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Michael Leong,

      This is admin here. We do able to transfer your account from mytaxi to grabcar. Hope this clarify.

  67. Matthew Choi 5 years ago

    Hi, I’d like to join the community, I’m new to full time grab

  68. Benjamin 5 years ago

    Hi all, fresh graber here, do i need to opt-in every weeks?

  69. Truth Speaking 5 years ago

    I’m a Grabcar driver who are in Grab ambassador program, we received a SMS from Grab some time back saying the withdrawal request from cash wallet will be credited in to bank account on next day, however my withdrawal is always delayed, Grabcar customer service representative told me that it will take 3 to 5 working days, we as a Grabcar driver do have commitments on daily basis, we need to fill petrol for the car and daily expenses, Base on service level provided by Grabcar, I personally feel that they don’t care about their drivers and only concern about the passengers and I personally feel that Grab drivers income is manipulated by Grabcar, should I call this as poor management or lack of efficiency?

  70. Veni 5 years ago

    Hi admin, I am new grab driver started last Wednesday and I am facing challenge with Google map and Waze to bring passenger to the destination or reach to customer place to pickup and the apps guide to long road which spend more time on the road where sometimes I new to the places and I notice customer cancelled the request. Can you advice how to handle the Waze or Google maps. To prevent lost on the road.

    • Iris Ye Wan Hua 5 years ago

      Hi Veni,

      You will know where to pickup your customer if you have familiar with that place. You may call your customer to ask for the landmark which will ease your pickup.

  71. VIJAY9669 5 years ago

    Hi All, I’m abit confuse about the incentives calculation. Could anyone help me on this. I’m in a grab ambassador programs.

    • Iris Ye Wan Hua 5 years ago

      The calculation is easy, just guarantee hour amount – collected amount = incentive depending number of trips accepted within that hour.

  72. Polio 5 years ago

    hi i have questions:

    i’m a part timer .just started grab like 10 days. first week CR was 24%. so i didn’t get incentives.
    last week ended with 100% AR, 4.95 R, 6.1% CR. i suspect i might get incentives but :

    1. my cash balance was topped up to RM80 today-is this the incentive for this week or the rewards from the promo “MY17” those kinda of codes? i need to stay online for the whole hour to get the per hour rate eventhough no trips?
    3.sometime i turn off while on highway then find somewhere near city and turn on available, does this consider that im not eligible for the 1 hour rate?
    4.i did today 8 trips. from 10am -1. basically average of 3 trips per hour. will still be eligible for the hourly incentive?

    im confused whether the per hour rate is base on number of trips per hour you do or in order to get the per hour incentive you need to be online for that block regardless if you get a ping or not?

    sometimes trip to low ping area, so i’ll drive to near hot spot. is this good practice?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago


      1. No, this is merely they crediting the promo used by your rider.
      2. No trip = RM0, Incentive is guarantee hourly rate – collected fare for that hour. If 0 trips, 0 incentive.
      3. You will be prorated. Hence few minutes is not consider you will not get the incentive.
      4. It will be calculated by each hour. Hence, we do not calculate the average of trip done.

      Yes, it is good practice if the hot spot is not too far and you waited for more than 15 minutes.

      hope this clarified.

      • Polio 5 years ago

        another question:
        I cant use waze via the grab app, after clicking on the navigate, theres no signal.

        so i normally turn off grab app n turn on waze. question here is if my grab app ‘available for jobs’ is on for that particular hour but i close it due to using waze, do i still get the per hour incentive? or its only counted when the app is on?

        i can’t use the waze from the grab app. no signal. anyway to solve this? using xiaomi redmi 3s.

        after doing 42 jobs mostly during P , HP and UP. last week incentive only RM 35. 3 hours a day. if i calculated roughly i hot RM 0.85sen per trip.

  73. Tommy Mok 5 years ago

    Once I opt in grab ambassadors, do I need keep on opt in every week? Or once enough thanks

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Tommy,

      Once will do. 🙂 just ensure Grab competitor app is not install on the same phone with Grab Driver app. That’s all to maintain your ambassador and of course the stated achievement.

  74. NG MING CHIN 5 years ago

    Hi All,

    I have begun to be a full time grab driver at Johor Bahru since yesterday. Noted that my previous activities didn’t meet the requirements to become grab ambassador or grab pro although I have opted-in (Uber driver app had been uninstalled before opting in) to become grab ambassador. Since yesterday, I have completed 46 jobs and maintain 94.8% AR / 4.91 Ratings / 3.6% CR, and collected RM 449.0 of fare

    1st question: Can I assume that my incentives will at least be calculated based on Grab-Pro for this
    2nd question: Will I be soon promoted to be a grab ambassador if I continue to maintain the results as

    I appreciate if anyone could assist on the above inquiries.
    Thank you.

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Ng,

      Good day! I am not sure on JB incentive structure. You will be sent with the latest structure by Grab weekly normally on Sunday Evening. Based on your achievement, yes, you are eligible if you are driving in KL.
      1. Yes.
      2. It will take around 1-2 weeks after you have opt in. You will receive an sms if you have been promoted.

      Not sure in Johor but this week incentive has been delay and will be paid on 27 Sep 2017 evening.

      • NG MING CHIN 5 years ago

        Thanks for the information, the good news is I was promoted to Grab Ambassador last week which I had driven only 2 days with collecting RM 200 plus of fare, and I got RM 100 plus of incentive for my effort in the past week. Thank you.

  75. nasir 5 years ago


    currently im doing uber 1 week and grab 1week.
    im doing just part time everyday 3hour.
    is it i eligible to get incentive for hourly guaranteed incentive ?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Nasir,

      Yes, you are eligible. Just that it is depend on which type of incentive you are eligible, either grab ambassador or grab pro. If you uber is not the same phone no, then you may enjoy ambassador if you have opt in, else you will be Grab Pro.

  76. Dat 5 years ago

    Hi, I just start drive grab this week in johor bahru area, have a question I am not so clear. I hit the target of rm 350 total fare collection on Thursday, so I am curious to know for the Grab Pro hourly guarantee fare, is it for that whole week for the hour I drive will get the incentive or start counting after Thursday I hit the minimum total fare collection

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Dat,

      The incentive hour is applicable for that particular hour only. It will be accumulated and credit to your wallet the following week if you manage to comply with their requirement which is 10% CR and below, 4.7 and above for star rating and 88% AR for Pro, 85% AR for ambassador.

  77. Jimmy 5 years ago

    Hi admin, I’ve been driven fo grab about 1 month now. I have cases like when you receive a job and the passenger didn’t show up at the pickup point nor cancel their booking, and they can’t be reach thru their phone (maybe flat battery), after waiting for 5 minutes, I have to cancel the job, and that will affecting my “cancelation rate” right?
    How can this be fair to driver?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Jimmy,

      First of all, i am not representing grab but what i can tell you is that there is a 10% buffer for you to play around with this figure. The 10% is for you to meet this kind of scenario.

  78. Tommy Mok 5 years ago

    Hi, I been grab ambassadors for two weeks, two days ago I received an email effective 9/10/17 there will be incentive structure change where the programme is grab ambassadors (20% cut in commission) previously is 25%, and incentive type is flexi bonus…I maintain 94% AR 4.94 rating and 3% CR…all way..why I been opt to flexi bonus? I did email grab support but two days no reply I know 9/10/17 will be alot changes in grab apps (is this changes opt me out from hourly guarantee?) Can I fill form and opt in back since I meet the requirements


    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Tommy,

      Kindly check your summary why you are in flexi. If you comply their requirement, you should be in GA.

  79. Foo 5 years ago

    Hi. I’m a new full time grab driver. I would like to join the chat group.. how can I join ?

  80. Tan shi han 5 years ago

    Hi I’m new full time grab, would like join your chat group. I’m now in grab ambassador program , can I know how is the incentive calculated

  81. Adam 5 years ago

    Hi I’m a part time grab driver, just opt in the the Grab Ambassador. I read the comments above and found out the calculation formula for the incentives:

    ((Online hour for that block/60 minutes * Guarantee Hour) – Collected Fare) * 0.8

    Just some questions here that I hope admins or anybody can help me sort them out~ Lets say I pickup a customers on Monday 6.30pm with the total fare of RM7 and another pickup at 6.55pm with total fare of RM16, my Online Hours are 30mins and I am qualified for 2 rides base on the in-app statistics. For that hour I shall fall under the UP block with guaranteed RM25-RM50. So, does that means I should do the incentives calculation as below?

    ((30/60 minutes * RM33) – RM23) * 0.8

    Based on the in-app statistics, I was qualified to get the incentives for that block, but the payout is RM0 which I dont get it at all. I met all the qualification criteria with 92.3% AR, 4.93 DR, 0% CR, but why is it i can’t get the incentives? Is there anything that I have done wrong?

    Another scenario is I pickup a customer at 7.12pm and drop off at 8.27pm, according to the incentive chart 7pm-8pm is HP block, and 8pm-9pm is P block, but i get RM0 for the HP block and get RM11 for P block (with another 2 jobs done in that block, and I was 100% online all the time). So I was wondering how is the incentives system work?

    And are there any effective ways that admin or experienced drivers that could be kind enough to share with me on how to hit the maximum incentives? Thanks in advanced ya

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Adam,

      1/2 * 33 = 16.5
      16.5 – 23 is less than 0 so your payout is 0.

      The incentive calculation is back on your accepted time. Not pickup or drop off time.

      My suggestion is to verify base on the statement which they will send to you each Thursday.

  82. Hakim 5 years ago

    Hi all
    Im a part time grab, do I need to online daily to get hourly incentives? As I cant do grab everyday due to working shift…

  83. Jasper Wong 5 years ago

    Hi admin, i would like to join your group. Kindly pm me, thanks!

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Sent an email to your registered mail with us.

  84. Kishore 5 years ago

    Hi admin, I would like to join your group. I’m a full time driver. Kindly PM me. Thanks!

  85. chan 5 years ago

    Hi admin,
    1) For new grab driver take 30 trip in 2 week got any reward? if more than 14 days achieve still have reward?
    2) If wanna join as grab ambassador got any term of condition?
    3) Grab how to judge the driver can be upgrade to grab ambassador base on what kind of judgement ?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Chan,
      1. This reward is for referral only. Meaning, your referral need to complete 30 trips within 30 days and you shall be entitled RM75 per referral. However, we do reward referral if you refer to us.
      2. Grab ambassador needed to maintain AR 80% daily, DR of 4.7 and above and strictly no competitor app.
      3. No judgement, only no competitor driver app in your phone which is sitting together with Grab Driver app. However, you may use 2 phones separately with different emails, phone number and phone if you want to maintain GA.

  86. Azlan 5 years ago

    Hi, I’m trying to register into grab and start full time. Can anyone help me regarding registration? I’m trying to register with this one guy but he’s not really helpful.

  87. Billy Lee 5 years ago

    Can i join the group? I am just started too. Full timer.

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi Billy,

      Yes, you may. I have sent an email to your registered mail here.

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  90. Jafni Johar 5 years ago

    Hi Billy,

    1. How to go to Paradigm Mall Taxistand/Grab from Paradigm Mall shuttle bus?

    2. There is 3 times when i was at area ara damansara receive job pick up at paradigm mall which is too far. Worst is 7.4km (exact receive job at masjid ara damansara) for RM4.00 job. Is this normal?


  91. Rynns TENG KAH THIAM 5 years ago

    Hi, I’m newbie! How to play incentives in Kuala Lumpur area? Im tired on playing fares. Do I need any opt-IN?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Yes, you need to opt in. Please ensure your daily AR is 80%, DR is 4.7 and above daily.

  92. Darrell 5 years ago

    Hello everyone,

    How do I opt-in to one of the whatsapp groups? I have a lot to learn since I’m a newbie.

    Grabber (Kota Kinabalu)

  93. wong 4 years ago

    Hi admin, i am newbie, going to join as full timer. can i join the group ?
    i’ve actually done with 2 steps, pending for document submission, what should i do now in order to join the group ? how long does the approval takes ?

  94. akmar 4 years ago

    hi, I’m a new grabber on part-time basis. really can’t understand how the incentives work. is it compulsory to opt-in every week?or is it automatically done?what happen if I don’t opt-in?

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      Hi Akmar,

      Only once, if you opt in this week which is on Mon-Wed only can opt in, you will be hourly guarantee driver the following week.

  95. Dida 4 years ago

    Hello all.
    I’m a brand-new part-time GRAB driver (just started driving for 6 days since 25th MAY)
    Is this discussion still active? Looking for a support group to be in!
    Can someone help with my query, please :
    I don’t understand how I have no payout for incentives when my history shows 43 qualified trips.
    I manually accept jobs : upon pick-up, I turn off my availability until drop-off, then switch my availability to ON again for the next job ping.
    Is this somehow affecting my qualification for the hourly incentives?
    Also, must I opt-in for hourly incentive programme to be eligible, or is it automatic for new GRAB drivers like me?
    What am I not doing right?

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      Hi Dida,

      1. Ensure that you are hourly guarantee driver. You can opt in if you are not.
      2. Hourly guarantee is Grab will ensure you for that particular hours, e.g. MP hour is guarantee RM32-57 if you accept number of trips between 1-4.
      3. If you trip fare is less than the hourly, mean their guarantee minus your fare collected, e.g. You online 60 minutes for MP hours, and you only have 1 trip of RM5. Conclusion is RM32 – RM5 = RM27 (Incentive)
      4. On and off is consider ok, as long as you switch it on when you drop off customer.

  96. Hiei 4 years ago

    Hi all, i wanna ask about the Hourly guarantee, e.g if i online P hour (1-2pm) and i only got 1 rm5 trip thats mean i got rm14 incentive right? Does this only apply to certain area at klang valley?

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      Apply to all area in klang valley. Yes, you will have RM14 gross if you online from 1-2pm.

  97. Mavis 4 years ago

    Hi, this incentives still applied now?

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      Incentive scheme is still active but only for old driver whom have opted in previously before they expired this scheme for newly registered driver.

  98. Firdaus 3 years ago

    Hi. Im planning to be a grab driver. And im interested in the grabcar rental programme. But i still have my doubts. Since its RM50 per day just to pay for the car rent. May I know, is it worth it to join the grabcar rental programme? How many hours do i need to drive per day?

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