We all know that the most popular car sharing services would be Grab and Uber if we talk about ASEAN country like Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam etc. But, there will be another giant tech company whom would like to be part of the rivalry between both of them, and his name is Google.  Google is leveraging on Waze to expand the functionality by providing a matching system for riders and drivers.

When Google launched its carpooling venture back in May, it offered the service to only “a select group of employers” near San Francisco, including Adobe Systems, Wal-Mart and, of course, to employees at Google.

The project was distinctly different from Uber, which is essentially a taxi alternative. Using the Waze app, people could connect with other commuters who might be heading in the same direction and line up a ride. They’d then pay a small fee — up to USD 0.21/km — to cover gas and vehicle depreciation.The Waze-based program is now opening up to all commuters in the Bay Area.

If I am to give opinion between 3 of them, I will say sooner or later, Waze will be winner. Considering that Waze reportedly has more than 50 million users, Google is arguably more knowledgeable — and has more insight — towards driving habits than any other company on the planet,” said Kelley Blue Book analyst Michael Harley, who sees the Waze project as “only natural,” and just “the tip of this emerging iceberg (in the) rapidly evolving ride-sharing wave. Besides that, a lot of driver trust on Waze and this is really an upper hand advantage for Waze.

At the moment, Waze carpool service is only available in California, USA. Please feel free to comment below and let us know your thought and opinion and/or any latest news pertaining to this matter.

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  1. Iris Ye Wan Hua 6 years ago

    Hi All,

    I am glad to hear that there will be another giant to join the market and its from a well known organisation which is Waza/Google. Well come abroad.

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